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Christmas Wreath for the Passap Duo80 or E6000:

Pattern provided by:
Pat Holbrook

Bramwell Duomagic in Christmas red, green and white.

Tension 3

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Make three lengths in colour combinations: red and white, green and white, red and green. These are braided to form a circle.

RC000. Racking handle down. Orange strippers. Push up 30 needles on each bed. Observe the needle rule. Lock N/N same stitch size as for the knitting. Rack one full turn to the left and knit one row. At this point insert comb and weights and remove the strippers. Rack one full turn to the right and knit one row.

Bring out the pushers on the BACK BED under each working needle. Pattern: two rows colour one, two rows colour two. Lock setting AX and left arrow key BACK BED/ Lock setting N on the FRONT BED. Knit 600 rows and cast off loosely.

Finishing: Braid the three pieces and sew matching ends together. Make a hanger by knitting a cord about 5" or 13 cm long, fold in half and stitch to the centre top at the back. Make a bow by knitting a piece 2.5" (6 cm) wide by 14" (36 cm) long and another 1" (2.5 cm) by 3" (7.5 cm); block and sew into a bow shape then attach to the top of the wreath. To keep the round shape, the wreath was fastened to a 8" (20 cm) wooden embroidery hoop with ties of yarn. Decorate as desired; the sample had sparkle added.

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