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Christmas Tree Sweater:

Pattern provided by:
Pat Holbrook

Bramwell Roselan.

LK150, Tension 4 used for sample; pattern can be knit on a standard with the appropriate yarn and tension for a slightly small ornament.

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Front & Back: Cast on 9 sts E.O.N in waste yarn at Tension 1. Hang cast-on comb and knit several rows ending with C.O.L. Knit 1 row of ravel cord.

RC000. E-wrap cast on over the ravel cord with the main yarn. At Tension 2, knit 10 rows. C.O.R, pick up the e-wrap loops and hang on the empty needles so 18 sts are in work. RC000. At Tension 4, knit 16 rows.

Shoulders: Move Russel levers to 1. Put 12 sts on the left to hold. *Knit 2 rows, decrease 1 neck stitch; repeat once more. Knit 2 rows. Cast off the remaining 4 sts or put on waste yarn or garter bar.* Repeat * to * for second shoulder.

Neckline: Join 1 shoulder on the machine. With wrong side facing, pick up 34 sts for the neck ribbing. Knit 1 row at Tension 4. Transfer E.O.N. Knit 2 rows at Tension 3. Knit 10 rows at Tension 2. Pick up the loops from the first row. Cast off.

Sleeves: Pick up 18 sts from the body at the shoulder. Knit 2 rows at Tension 4. Decrease each side every 4 rows until 12 sts remain. RC000. Transfer to E.O.N. Knit 10 rows at Tension 2. Pick up the loops from the first row and cast off.

Finishing: Mattress stitch the seams together. Decorate as desired. The sample pictured has a 4-st stocking stitch strip sewn around the neck for a yoke effect with tiny bells as buttons. The strip was knit with Yeoman Pellonia and Rexor. Fashion a hanger out of wire.

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