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Child's Passap Toque

Pattern provided by:
Pat Holbrook

Sized to fit a child's head.

4-ply yarn such as Yeoman Cashmilon.

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Cast on in 1x1 rib over 130 sts. 1 row N2/N2, hang weight comb and weights, remove strippers. 2 rows CX3/CX3 and 1 row N/N.

RC000. Knit 36 rows on stitch size 4, replace strippers after 6 rows.

For a solid colour toque, knit as follows: RC000. N/EX ss 4, knit 70 rows.

If you wish to use a contrast colour, knit as follows: 12 rows main, 12 rows contrast, 12 rows main, 6 rows contrast, 12 rows main, 4 rows contrast, 12 rows main.

RC000. N/N ss 3.5/3.5, knit 16 rows.

Transfer every other stitch on the back bed to the nearest needle on the front bed, then transfer every other stitch on the front bed to the appropriate needles on the back bed (which are carrying the remaining stitches). The needle set-up is now: 1 needle in work and 3 needles out of work. Return all empty needles to the non-working position.

RC000. N/N at 3/3. Knit 10 rows. Knit 1 row at ss 5.

Using the double-eyed tool, run a 3-fold matching yarn through the open stitches. Pull up as tightly as possible, and fasten off securely.

Mattress stitch the main seam. Trim with a pom-pom or tassle.

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