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Pattern provided by:
Pat Holbrook

Sized to fit average head size.

4-ply yarn such as Yeoman Cashmilon or Tamm Trenzi in 2 colours.

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Handle up. No strippers.

RC000. Cast on 130 sts in 1x1 rib. N/N 1 row at tension 3.5/3.5, insert comb and add weights. CX/CX 2 rows and N/N 1 row.

RC000. N/N 60 rows at tension 3.5/3.5. Add strippers after 4 rows (blue or orange).

RC000. N/EX at tension 4, knit stripping: 24 rows MC, 12 rows CC, 12 rows MC, 8 rows CC, 12 rows MC, 6 rows CC, 12 rows MC, 4 rows CC and 12 rows MC.

RC000. N/N at 3.5/3.5, knit 16 rows.

Transfer every alternate stitch from the back bed to the nearest front bed needle to the right.

Transfer every alternate stitch from the front bed to the nearest back bed needle to the left.

Needle set-up is now 1 needle working and 3 needles empty. Return all empty needles to the non-working position.

RC000. N/N at 3/3. Knit 10 rows. Go slowly on the first row.

N/N 6/6, knit several rows in waste yarn.

Remove from the machine.

Making up: Unravel the waste yarn. Using a tapestry needle, run a piece of the matching yarn through the open stitches and pull up as tight as possible. Close the crown and fasten off securely. Turn the work inside out and mattress stitch the band to approx. 2.5" from the patterned section. Turn the work to the right side and mattress stitch the patterned section all the way to the top of the hat. Trim with a pom-pom or tassle.

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