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Pat's Holiday Accessory:

Pattern provided by:
Pat Holbrook

This makes a nice parcel decoration or add a pin and wear it during the holiday season.

Samples were knit in red and white with Yeoman 4-ply Acrylic at tension 7 on standard gauge (Bramwell Roselan at tension 3 on mid-gauge).

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1. RC000. E-wrap cast on over 30 (20) stitches using red yarn.

2. Knit 10 (8) rows.

3. RC010 (008), COR. Cast off 5 (3) stitches; casting off around the gate pegs will give a nice loose cast off. Knit 1 row. Cast off 5 (3) stitches.

4. Knit 15 (12) rows. RC026 (021).

5. Turn the work using a garter bar or waste yarn. Break the red yarn and weave in the end.

6. With white yarn, knit 1 row and weave in the end. Knit 9 (5) rows. Cast off loosely (around the gate pegs if possible).

7. Fold in half and mattress stitch the seam. Decorate with sequins, small stars or glitter. Or crochet a fancy edge around the cuff with a shiny yarn.

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