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Pattern provided by:
Pat Holbrook

Pat and Yvonne's Snazzy Tube Socks

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Yarns: Spectrum Detroit DK or Bramwell Roselan DK

Pattern #1 - Standard Machine - no ribber
Tension 9
Stockinet Gauge - 7 st and 9 rows = 2.5 cm (1 inch) Bramwell Roselan

Pattern #2 - Mid Gauge
Tension 5
Stockinet Gauge - 5 st and 6 rows = 2.5 cm (1 inch) Bramwell Roselan

Pattern #3 - Standard Machine with ribber
Rib tension 7
Stockinet tension 9
Rib Gauge - 5 st/5 ribber st and 8 rows = 2.5 cm

Pattern 1:
E-wrap cast on over 60 stitches. Hang cast-on comb.
RC0 Knit 100 rows in stockinet.
RC0 COR. Hold position on Carriage (Brother) or russel levers to 1 on Studio.
Put 30 st opposite carriage to hold position (D Studio, E Brother).
Decrease down to 7 stitches; ie. Pull 1 needle to hold on carriage side until the 7 stitches remain. Then increase back until all stitches right of zero are in working position; ie. Return 1 st to upper working position (UPW = C Studio; D Brother) opposite the carriage each row. Take carriage off hold position.
Knit 1 row across all stitches. Be sure to release 1 stitch each side of knitting. Take these two end stitches off on waste.

Graft the stitches for the toe or stitches may be hung back on the machine for a bound off toe seam.
Unravel first released stitch (this forms a loop) using a latch hook. Take 2 loops from one side through 2 loops from the other side. This will produce an interesting seam similar to afghan joining.

Pattern 2: Mid gauge (yarn - Bramwell Roselan)
Tension 5
E-Wrap cast-on 20 - 20.
Knit to row 90.
Decrease to 9 st (same method as in pattern 1).
Return all stitches until all are working. Knit 1 row. Take off on waste yarn.
Finishing as above in pattern 1.

Pattern 3: Standard machine with ribber
Tension 7
Cast on 60 st in 1 x 1 rib.
Rib 120 rows.
Transfer rib stitches to main bed. Knit 1 row.
Tension 9, decrease to 14 st using same method as pattern 1.
Return stitches to work until all are working. Take off on waste yarn.
Finishing is the same for all snazzy tube socks.

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