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Pattern provided by:
Pat Holbrook

The scarf is 7" wide and 59" long without fringe.

The stitches and rows mentioned here are for Yeomans Cashmilon 4-ply acrylic. This pattern is very simple and could be knit using almost any yarn by adjusting the stitches and rows to your own gauge.

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1. Select 30 needles on each bed, set pitch to H, tension 0/0, make zigzag pass to the right.

2. Hang cast-on comb, move pitch back to P, set carriages for circular knitting. (Slip opposite direction each bed, just like your ribber cast-on.)

3. Set row counter to 0, tension to 6/6. Knit in the round until the row counter reads 450. You have knit 225 rows.

Note: Some ribbers knit tighter than the main bed. Do a small sample and adjust the tension if necessary.

4. Set the row counter to 0. You are now going to knit a U shape.

Brother: set left part button on the main carriage and right part button on the ribber carriage, and make 2 passes. Reverse part buttons to R main bed, L ribber, make 2 passes and repeat until the row counter reads 280.

Studio: set the main carriage to slip, leave left side lever forward, push right side lever back, set right slip on ribber to 0 and make 2 passes. Reverse side levers on the main bed, slip button on the ribber, and make 2 passes. Repeat until the row counter reads 280.

5. Change back to circular knitting, as in step 2, set the row counter to 0 and make 450 passes.

6. Transfer ribber stitches to the main bed, knit 1 row across and bind off using the tapestry needle back stitch method.

7. To finish the opening: work a single crochet into the second stitch from the edge. Do not pull tight! Chain one, work a single crochet into the third stitch of the second knitted row, repeat around the opening. You will be working a single crochet into the third stitch on the second knitted row of stitches with a chain 1 between.

8. Block and attach fringe if desired.

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