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Yvonne's Preemie and Newborn Baby Hat:

Pattern provided by:
Yvonne Gagnon

The samples were knit with 20 g (.7 oz) of 4-ply acrylic yarns on standard gauge machines at a rib tension about one full number higher than that that would be used for a waistband.

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1. Set 96 (120) needles in upper work position for 1x1 rib. Work a double bed e-wrap cast-on by taking the yarn under the first needle on the left, then around it for an e-wrap, go behind the next needle and around it, continue across the bed keeping the yarn snug. You will be wrapping clockwise on the ribber needles and counter-clockwise on the main bed needles. Knit 1 row at the desired tension. Hang the comb and weights.

2. COL, RC000. With the main yarn, knit 50 (54) rows.

3. Transfer the ribber stitches up to the main bed needles which already have stitches on them. You will now be knitting on every other needle on the main bed only. Knit 3 rows. RC53 (57).

4. Thread the double-eyed needle with the yarn tail and remove the stitches from the needles. Mattress stitch the seam, reversing the sides facing you so the seam is hidden on the inside of the cuff. Pull up the cast-off tail to gather the top and sew tight.

5. If desired, finish the top with a tiny pompon or crocheted cord.

Christmas Version:
To knit a cute hat for that special Christmas baby, work the cast-on and knit the first row with red. **Knit 2 rows with red, 6 rows with white, 2 rows with green and 6 rows with white.** Repeat two more times until RC48. Knit 2 rows with red and finish the hat with white. Yvonne finished her hat with a 10-stitch crocheted chain made with all three colours. This pattern has been written so you can use the colour changer.

Yvonne Gagnon is the most prolific knitter we know! She knit 100 preemie hats for the local hospital. Then she knit 50 baby hats in Christmas colours so that all the babies born in Hamilton this Christmas will have a lovely hat to wear home.

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