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Fisherman Rib Toque for the Passap Duo80 or E6000:

Pattern provided by:
Pat Holbrook

Sized to fit average head size.

Yeoman Cashmilon 4-ply acrylic.

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Cut a piece of yarn approx 1 metre (yard) long. Put this on one side until later.

Racking handle down. Push up 86 needles on both beds. Locks N/N 3.5/3.5. Rack handle one full turn to the left. Knit one row to the left. Insert comb and weights. Rack handle one full turn to the right. Add the orange strippers.

RC000. Locks N/EX 4.5/4.5. Knit 100 rows.

RC000. Locks EX/N 4.5/4.5. Knit 98 rows.

Locks N/N. Knit two rows. Transfer stitches to 1x1. Locks N/N 3.5/3.5. Knit two rows. Locks N/N 2.5/2.5. Knit two rows.

Take the spare piece of yarn and thread it through the double eyed needle. Make sure that the yarn is doubled and thread through the open stitches.

Finishing Techniques: Pull up the yarn carefully drawing up the stitches to close up the hole at the top of the toque. Mattress stitch from the top of the toque to the pattern change. Turn the toque inside out and mattress stitch to the cast on. Add a pom-pom if required to the top of the toque. Fold up the first length of fisherman's rib.

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