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Pat's Passap Dishcloth for Duo80 and E6000:

Pattern provided by:
Pat Holbrook

Samples were knit with Yeoman Brittany 100% cotton at tension 3.1.

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Size: approx. 20 x 24 cm (8 x 9.5") for the small size and 33 x 33 cm (13 x 13") for the large size.
Note: the small size would make excellent washcloths for babies.

1. Cast on in full-needle rib over 43 (67) needles on both beds. N/N 1 row, insert comb, add weights, CX/CX 2 rows, N/N 1 row.

2. RC000. On the front bed, transfer stitches to make this arrangement:
(large size will have 9 groups of 5 sts between edges) Back bed needles remain the same. A Pusher under all back bed needles.

3. Knit 28 rows AX (and left arrow key)/N on front bed. AX 0/N 2 rows. RC 30. Repeat this pattern 5 (8) more times to RC180 (270).

4. Transfer the front bed stitches to the back bed. Leave the front bed needles in work position. Tension 3.1/7, knit 1 row. Latch tool cast off into the stitches, not the loops; the loops are to help give a loose cast off.

Note: the dishcloth will be very long but once it has been washed and dried in the dryer, it will be a good workable size.

Artisan 70D Mid-gauge Dishcloth:

Yeoman Brittany 100% cotton at tension 0.

1. Knit as for the Passap version by casting on over 31 (37) stitches in full-needle rib as per your manual.

2. RC000. Transfer the stitches on the front bed as given with 3 stitches on each edge and groups of 5 in between.

3. *Knit 3 rows with the back carriage set to tuck with both side levers at 2. Change the right side lever to 1 and knit 1 row.* Repeat * to * to RC028. Set both levers to 1 and knit 2 rows. RC030.** Repeat * to ** 5 (8) more times for a total of 180 (240) rows.

4. Transfer the front bed stitches and follow the bind-off knitting the last row at 0/4.

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