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Castoro Hat & Scarf Set:

Pattern provided by:
Eileen Montgomery

Hat is 53 cm/21"size. Scarf is 23 cm/9" x 152 cm/60".

Yeoman Castoro 4-ply, 100 g for the scarf and 60 g for the hat.

7 stitches x 9 rows per inch at Tension 8 on standard gauge machine.

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1. E-wrap cast on 64 sts. RC000, carriage on the right.
2. At Tension 8, knit 540 rows.
3. Backstitch bind off. Due to the nature of the yarn, the scarf will not curl.

1. With waste yarn, cast on every other needle over 146 needles. Knit 10 rows with waste yarn and 1 row with ravel cord. RC000, carriage on the right.
2. With Castoro, knit 70 rows at MT-2 or T6. Bring empty needles back to work position. Hang the first row of Castoro onto the empty needles to hem.
3. Knit 70 rows for the body of the hat at MT or T8. RC140.
4. Transfer every other stitch and take empty needles to non-working position. Knit 5 rows at MT and 5 rows at MT-2. RC150.
5. Cut the yarn leaving a very long tail. Thread bodkin with tail and remove the stitches with the yarn doubled. Gather as tightly as possible and knot.
6. Mattress stitch the seam. If desired, make a pompom and attach.

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