Superb Knitters


These patterns are free for your personal use only, but please leave the copyright information on them. We hope you enjoy them. Please let us know if you have any questions.

1. Pat's Passap Toque
2. Head Warmer Scarf
3. Pat and Yvonne's Snazzy Tube Socks
4. Pat's Beginner's Checklists
5. Chuffy's Choice
6. Yvonne's Preemie and Newborn Hats
7. Pat's Preemie and Newborn Hats
8. How to Clean your Knitting Machines
9. Yvonne's Adult Amputee Leg Warmers
10. Pat's Slip Stitch Dishcloth
11. Pat's Dishcloth for Duo80 & E6000 with Artisan 70D version
12. Pat's Holiday Accessory
13. Child's Passap Toque
14. Fisherman Rib Toque for the Duo80 or Passap E6000
15. Christmas Wreath for Passap
16. Tension Swatch for all Machines
17. Passap Lace Scarf
18. Christmas Tree Sweater Ornament
19. Passap Pencil Flower
20. Corkscrew Doll
21. Dammit Dolls
22. Dust Covers for Passap DM80
23. Pat's Adult Amputee Leg Warmers & Tube Socks for Passap
24. Cat Blankets on the Bulky
25. Britches Dishcloth on Passap
26. Passap Tuck Lace Narrow Scarf
27. Passap Drop Lace Scarf
28. Castoro Hat & Scarf
29. Beginners Woven Table Mat for LK150