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August 30, 2017:

An additional new item for sale:
2 new mylars for the Brother 881/891/341 with built-in knitleader, half the same of the KL116 knitleader sheets, these are 18 x 33". $20.00 plus shipping.

Please check the Book List and Disc List for what we have still available. As we are offering free shipping in most cases that isn't being covered by the sales prices but we really want to pass these books and discs on to machine knitters who will use them. Stock is limited and we will try to update these lists to avoid disappointment.

Cardiknits has closed as Pat has retired. She, and her staff, would like to thank you all for 32 wonderful years. Over that time we have met some wonderful people and had a great deal of fun. While the seminars, academies and workshops have been a lot of work, we have so enjoyed providing and benefiting from such great learning experiences. We hope you will continue to machine knit and continue to explore all that our machines are capable of doing. We know that we will.

Be sure to check out our Freebies as we have lots of interesting items for your knitting pleasure, including several Passap patterns. Also if you need anything, check out the Links page.